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“Training for a better tomorrow”

Are you looking to sweat, lose weight, build self confidence? Unlike other commercial gyms where you pay for a membership only to use the facility, at MSC/VSC our members follow a daily program under the guidance of a well-trained coach for a one hour long class. What’s does each class entail? We are strong advocates of proper lifting technique and mobility which correlates into optimizing body movement patterns. Each one hour long class comprises of a mobility segment, warmup, skill, strength and conditioning/wod (workout of the day).

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Daily program under the guidance of a well-trained coach

The benefits derived from each class, are weight loss, functional movement patterns, increased flexibility or mobility, strength and overall improved fitness in performing daily activities. What is required from you? Make an active commitment to 3 workouts a week, clean up your diet and enjoy the results of a better way of life and healthy living. Members are encouraged to log their daily workout in order to track their progress and results.

The best part is that all the daily workouts and programming is suited to everyone’s skill and level!! NO matter age or experience all weights and exercises can be scaled to everyone’s needs and comfort. Beginners are highly welcomed !!! In addition to a great facility, coaching and programming, you become a part of our MSC/VSC community. An atmosphere of team building, were members not only push each other to work hard but play hard as well.

Looking for answers to your fitness, workout, nutrition and health questions? Well check out the Coaches Corner where we are committed to providing information, instruction and the answers you need. Our goal is to provide you with the information and resources that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Coaches Corner

The MSC Community

I had a nice long chat with Jesse, one of the owners of my gym, today after all the classes were over. I didn’t know if I needed to pick up my mom, so I stuck around in case she did need to be driven. Additionally, I hadn’t really had an opportunity in the time I’ve been coaching at MSC, to actually just chat with him. He was well spoken and was very articulate with his words. If I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t have never thought he was a gym owner solely based on the way he spok

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2016 Overdose Element CrossFit Competition

  We would like to thank everyone who came out to support our members and coaches over this weekend’s Overdose CrossFit competition hosted at Element Crossfit in Mississauga. Our teams and individuals give it their all this weekend. Great work from both our gyms and  we hope to see more members participate in future competitions to come. Here is a summary of the results. Men’s RX individuals 8th place – Will Brooks 9th place – Nader Mohammed 10th place

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The CrossFit Games

OK this one is LONG…..but here goes. WARNING, this post will be about, CROSSFIT, lots and lots of it!  Even better, it’s about The CrossFit Games!  I know my CrossFit friends will be interested to hear about my experience watching some of the world’s fittest athletes but I also know that some of you aren’t as crazy about CrossFit as I.  So I thought it best to warn all of you who haven’t yet drank the “kool-aid” that this post will be about the good, the bad and the crazy of my

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Let me tell you about CrossFit

"CrossFit is a lifestyle, prioritizing your health and mobility. It is the absolutely best way to reach your fitness goals. It is a team atmosphere that makes you better as an individual. CrossFit gave me something extra that I needed in my life. It's my outlet. Everyone is welcoming, everyone is cheering you on, they don't let you quit even if you want to. It is a fitness program that rewards for doing well and you are able to express your fitness in everyday life in many different plains or di

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Out of My Comfort Zone

About 5 months ago, I signed up for a CrossFit competition as part of a team of 4 (2 girls and 2 guys).  And this started a whole journey unto itself.  The goals I set with my trainer were all focused around being able to perform to the best of my ability, at this competition.  We signed up for the amateur division based on the “criteria” of what you needed to be able to do, such as pull ups and weight amounts for things like cleans and deadlifts.  But, I had A LOT of work to do. I knew

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