CrossFit Vaughan is a CrossFit affiliate located in Vaughan Ontario Canada servicing the Concord/Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Woodbridge communities. VSC/CrossFit Vaughan is a results driven community in which people train together in a positive group setting to achieve fitness and performance goals. Group training allows people to push themselves, hold each other accountable and develop long lasting relationships not found in other types of training facilities.  VSC runs multiple CrossFit classes daily, as well as offering Strength Training and Olympic Weight Lifting programs for those who are interested in training other than  CrossFit.

On top of running classes, VSC also offers personal training and team training for those wishing 1:1 training or group training for specific sports. Whether your goals are to improve your overall fitness, get bigger and stronger or get better at your specific sport, VSC has both the facility and the coaching staff to help you meet these goals.